Confessions Bot

Confessions allows your server members to submit anonymous confessions on Discord, in a fun way, of course.

Trusted by over discord servers, including:

Server 1

Valorant PH S

75,000+ members

Server 2

Tropical StormS

30,000+ members

Server 3

Overwatch 2 LFGS

100,000+ members

Server 4


120,000+ members

Server 5


27,000+ members

Trusted by millions of users

Confessions bot serves a wide variety of discord servers allowing users to confess anonymously.

total servers
total users
3.27+ million
confessions (month)
2.42+ million

Anonymous Confession (#3733)"The best confessions bot on Discord!"
❗If this confession is ToS-breaking or overtly hateful, you can report it using "/report 3733"

Submit confessions with ease.

Send anonymous confessions directly to a discord channel of your choice. You can confess by using the /confess command.

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Premium Features

Extra Features at affordable pricing.

Want more control over confessions or be able to customize the embeds? This is what Confessions Premium is for!

Premium will allow for unlimited confession channels, custom embed colors, logged review mode and author logs

Use the /premium command to view our premium options.

Check out other features
Anonymous Confession (#3566)"This is an example of logging for Premium"
66adam (930383131863842816)
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❗If this confession is ToS-breaking or overtly hateful, you can report it using "/report 3566"

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